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Who are we

The New is a church for all ages and categories of people, led specifically by young people, with a mission to raise a supernatural army. We are a people who love hard and recklessly, who intentionally reach out to the lost and broken, exude excellence and creativity with an intense practice of prayer  and worship, all built on the foundation of the word of God.

Welcome Address
We are more than thrilled that you have chosen to come have a NEW EXPERIENCE

We are in a peculiar time, season and generation – and we are called out to find relevance and meet needs. Our atmosphere fulfills the greatest needs of man, which is to be in touch with his Source and find relevance with others. The family unit is God’s agenda for man at every level, and we believe that for man to come into the fullness of his destiny he must be connected to a vibrant one. With our arms wide open and hearts overflowing with love, we want you to find your place with THE NEW FAMILY – which ultimately means you find your place in God and in destiny.

Our Family

Ours is a large, loving, caring and close-knit family, and our bond goes beyond the walls of church. To us family serves as a guiding compass for life, our cheerleaders and inspiration for success, and a source of comfort in times of need.

Our Messages

Wanna catch up on service last week or relive the worship experience? Here’s your go to place for transformational messages that would aid your Spiritual growth and fellowship with God.


We would really love to stay in touch with you and keep you updated on our activities and resources. Kindly subscribe for our newsletter and get unlimited access to resources like devotionals, messages and so much more..


Pray with You

“… The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].” JAMES 5:16B (AMP). You can leave a prayer request or schedule a prayer call with our Pastors here.

Schedule a Prayer

We look forward to having you be a part of our worship experience in The New. Join us every Sunday by 11am and on Tuesdays by 6:30pm. There’s never a dull moment in an atmosphere of intense fellowship with God.

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